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Wind Power


Latvia offers favourable opportunities for the development of Wind Power. The total wind power capacity installed in Latvia in June of 2009, reached around 24.5 MW, most of that capacity installed in the 19.8 MW Wind Farms in Liepaja, on the Baltic coast (UDI, 2009).

These farms have 33 Enercon E-40 turbines installed in 2003, which produce around 40 GWh of electric energy per year. There is great potential for development and several projects are under way.

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Porto Murdeira

Cape Verde - Island of Sal

The Porto Murdeira Master Plan is a pioneer project to be developed on an area of 504 hectares, in a privileged location of great natural beauty. It will be the largest holiday development on the African coast, from the point of view of accommodation capacity and size, and also for the diversity and quality of the services and amenities that it comprises.

The environmental value and the scenic beauty of its surroundings add great value and potential to the project, whose uniqueness is a response to the protected areas, the environmental interest of the Murdeira beach where the sea turtles come to lay their eggs, and the virgin spaces.


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New Sustainable and Bio climatic Housing Concepts

The eBsKA house designed by our architects and engineers team in collaboration with the Kazakh Energy Research Institute, can turn into the worlds more sustainable housing or offices prototype.      This building stands out for the architectural integration in the façade of the photovoltaic plates and for the technological roof, in which there can be combined hybrid systems of solar thermal and photovoltaic capture overlapped in the same plane that can be moved (by an automatic system) depending on the energy needs.    It is a bio climatic architecture sustainable model, that bets for the maximum reduction of the energetic consumption, taking the solar light and the wind as the only source of energy capture.

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