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GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES is a number of companies which have a clear spirit for offering private clients as well as institutions, a wide range of profucts and services for real estate market (hotel, residential and industrial); in the renewable energy market (wind power, solar power, bio-mass, geothermal, hydraulic, waste processing, etc.); and in other wider sectors such as telecommunications, the pharmaceutical industry, leisure, etc.

GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES'S task is to respond our clients necessities providing them with high standard products which are respectful of the environment and of people.


Only a group with responsible, ongoing growth is able to maintain its leadership. This is our vision: a multinational presence with excellent customer services, sustainable profitability for our partners and shareholders, and professional and personal development opportunities to our employees. And last, but not less important, our commitment that not only specific programs but also all the activities undertaken by GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES, shall be a responsible contribution aimed at improving social and environmental values.



visto_iconStandard of Excellence Procedures.

visto_iconSustainability in the group's actions.

visto_iconTeam work, team solutions.

visto_iconAdaptability to new challenges and situations.

visto_iconA business model based on economic, social and environmental responsability.

visto_iconCorporative transparency.


The future means consolidating our growth, making it sustainable and solid without distorting the reasons, values and methods that have lead us to become a multinational Group based on a quality of service together with sustainable profitability.
The future means expansion. An increased number of partners and shareholders through ambitious and profitable projects. Providing a better quality of life and better services in areas where the group carries out its projects, not forgetting that respect for the environment will always be amongst the main objectives of GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES.

GRUPO PLANIFICACIONES MUNDIALES consists of a strongly consolidated group of companies belonging to the international real estate market and field of construction, whose aim is to provide a wide range of services and products.
In addition to this line of business are the association agreements for the collaboration and projects with various companies, amongst which  the Protocol signed on the 17th May, 2007 between the Investments Agency in Cape Verde, CABO VERDE INVESTIMENTOS, and our group. In this association agreement we were granted the status of Special Associates in all programmed projects as well as any that in the future are programmed by the Cape Verde Government in the fields of tourism, energy, civil consturction, real estate promotions, marketing of vehicles, civil aviation, leisure, professional training, new IT, banking and financial services, as well as in the field of communication, which are adapted to the objectives of the development policy under the Government Programme for the period 2006-2010.

Certificate of registration for the community trade